Welcome to Velvet's Reviews

Welcome to Velvet Reviews.  Vibrators, dildos and all kinds of other sex toys played with and reviewed.  This is not a porn site, we won't be flashing a lot of naked pictures or trying to turn anyone on.  We figure that the people who come here already have that covered.  We are going to try to have a sense of humor and share some of our experiences.  

Look through the main sections of our site and then let is know what you think.  Are there things that you'd like to read about or a toy that you've been thinking about getting but wonder if its worth it?  Use our contact page and give us some feed back so we can make a great and open community of couples that like to explore all aspects of a great sex life.


Toy Reviews

Toy Reviews

We love toys!! What better way to share that than to tell others which are the best vibrators, what dildo is great and even which butt plug isn't worth the money. We have purchased a variety of toys over the years and have loved some of them and been terribly disappointed in others. Sex toys are fun! Sometime you want something extravagant and sometime the most basic magic wand will do the trick. 

Sex Advice

Ask Velvet

Ever wanted to ask someone a question but were too embarrassed, do you think that no one will understand because you are kinkier than anyone else you know? We know how you feel so ask us.  Its anonymous and we don't judge. The chance that you ask something that we haven't thought and talked about is probably pretty slim.

Site ReviewsSite Reviews

We will review adult toy stores and tell you the experience we've had will sellers both good and bad.  Keep in mind that these are our experiences and you may or may not have the same experience with a particular site.  We may have ads for one site or another but we aren't paid by any of them so you can be assured that we will give you the straight story as we see it.

We have purchased from a variety if different places.  We share our experiences both good and bad.  Which sites deliver the goods and who falls short.  Did you consider paying a little more because the delivery is fast and the return policy is good or did you want the cheapest price possible.