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Velvet and Woody

We are in our forties, on our second marriage and have a ton of kids.  Sometime it isn't easy to find time to be alone, especially when we aren't exhausted.  We both have jobs and are doing thing blog because we know that there are other couples out there like us.  

We have looked at dozens of sites looking for vibrators, dildos and adult toys of all different kinds.  But we really had a hard time deciding what to buy and what we wanted and if it would be worth it or not.  Let's face it sex toys can be very expensive.  Don't get me wrong good ones are well worth every penny but there are many toys we've purchased that weren't cheap and then they didn't perform well or broke quickly.

We decided to start this blog to help people find a good place to spend their money, we will review sellers as well as the toys themselves.  Where you buy is almost as important as what you buy.  What is the return policy, how fast do they ship, do they ship in something discreet? 

We are so glad you have found our blog and hope you enjoy reading about our experiences.  If you do we hope you'll drop us a note.

By the way the people in the pictures aren't us if you're wondering. :-)


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About Velvet
About Velvet

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About Woody
About Woody

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