How can I get my wife to cukold me

How can I get my wife to Cuckold me is a question thousands of men have asked. What it the best way to get your wife interested in your fantasy?  How can you get your wife to have sex with other men?

The answer is simple : You can't!

Disappointing, right?!? Oh well, The truth is all you can do is share your fantasy with your wife.  Once you have opened up to her the rest is up to her. You can't push, coerce or talk her into anything.  

You should be THRILLED that you have a wife that you can talk to and tell things like this too.  There are thousands of guys who wished they had an open enough relationship with their wife that they'd even be able to have the conversion.

It seems to be almost universal for women to assume when they hear about your fantasy to assume you are trying to open you relationship so you can have sex with other women.  I guess it is a natural assumption on their part, to bad they don't know how wrong they are lol.

For the most of us guys, we are interested in seeing our wives get everything possible to make her feel sexy, beautiful, powerful and fulfilled.  It isn't a "ploy" to get a "kitchen pass" for ourselves.  When Velvet is extremely turned on she LOVES the the idea, other times, not so much.  In the beginning she really wondered what a cuckold was.  I tried to explain that there is no one right answer.  Yes, I will admit I am am a pervert, and there are lots of reason I want to be cuckolded.  But there is ONE main reason is that I want her to know know fucking sexy she is and to use that power that she has in her self to enhance her life and OURS together.

I believe it is fairly universal that woman, especially after 40, don't realize how sexy they really are.  As we get older, thing aren't as firm as they once were, the shape isn't what it one was but they are still sexy as hell!!  Especially to the men who love them. I want Velvet to be able to get out and realize that there are other men who see them as sexy and beautiful and that I am NOT "blinded" by love.

There are some other reasons; I have a submissive fantasy, I love the idea that she could enjoy, without guilt, the feel of a large cock, I have a bit of a bi fantasy, I love creampies.  I will probably write about each of these in separate article but the main reason I want her to be a Hotwife is, and always will be, for HER benefit.


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