Is my Husband a Pervert - Am I a Pervert

Definition of Pervert
Don't define your world in black and white

The quick answer is YES, you are a pervert

I have come to realize the if you have to ask, you are proably a pervert.  The long answer is though is NO there is nothing wrong with you, unless you are doing something that isn't consentual and child BTW cannot consent (if this offends you you are sick so go away).

Ok I am going to tell you right now, if I gave you a list of things that don't turn me on it would be much shorter than the one of things that do turn me on.  As I said above, if you are doing anything with kids (personally I am not even a fan of "barely legal") or you are doing something against someone else's will I think you probably are sick and need help.  Beyond that there are things that don't do it for me, cross dressing for example, but if you and your partner are into it and you both enjoy it, I am so happy for you both.


We all have secrets

I have been reading a "fetish" site lately and the other day the blogger went on a rant against people who have a foot fetish.  Although, it isn't a fetish that does anything for me, I hardly feel like I could tell someone who is into feet that they are wrong.  If feet are your thing and your partner either enjoys your fetish or at least accomodates it then why not?  Do your foot thing!!!

Here is my list of things that DO NOT turn me on:

  • Feet
  • Cross dressing
  • Poo play
  • Teen porn
  • BBW
  • Hairy
  • Midgets

I am sure there is a much bigger list but I can't think of anything off the top of my head.  I may not understand your fetish but if your partner does then that is great.

I have to admit that Velvet DOES NOT share all of my turn ons but she has always allowed me to let me freak flag fly!  That is what makes me so damn lucky.  Although she does sometime sigh and shake her head, she has never put me down for my turns ons.  And let me tell you some of them aren't considered normal hahahaha


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