HotWHAT? CuckWHO? Do I really need to learn another language just to get laid?

Who coined the term Hotwife anyway? Being a wife isn't debatable. I have the papers to prove it. But hot? I'd like to think I'm hot. However 40 years on this spinning planet, not to mention gravity, the drinking, two marriages, two kids, one car wreck and summer tans through my twenties is taking a toll on my once traffic-slowing physique. I really don't think I'm that hot. But some people do (THANK GOD!), and at this point I will gladly slap on any label that props up that illusion.

Thanks for helping me get read for my dateSo call me a Hotwife. That means I'm married, BUT.............

My Blog is mostly about the BUT. Not my butt... but the BUT and all it entails. This blog gives me a place to write my thoughts and experiences and share my ideas and vent and rant if I want to. Most importantly this is MY blog about MY life.

You don't have to like it and you don't have to agree with anything I write. But don't be offended if you don't see things my way. You do it your way and I won't flame you. I'll do things my way and I really don't give a fuck if you happen to disagree with me and you think I'm a whore. Disclaimer: check!

Now, moving along.Yes, I sleep with other men. Kaboom!!! Shocked? Well GET OVER IT!Like it or not, just like men, a lot of wives sleep around. It's just that most of them are cheaters and liars and hypocrits.

The difference is that my husband KNOWS what I do and he likes it and he gets off on italmost as much as I do. So it's not cheating, I'm not lying and there is nothing hypocritical about it. But if you still think that makes me a whore please click on the little red X in the upper right corner and go shopping for another crucifix so Jesus will love you more.
I didn't always sleep with other men. Now I do. It's a part of our life. After doing it both ways I find this way a lot more exciting and I really don't want to go back. So come along if you want (or there's still the little red X up there).

They say since I'm a Hotwife then that means that my husband is called a cuckold. A cuckold is husband with a cheating wife. But if I tell him everything and there are no lies then how can I cheat? I DON'T!

Yes, I sleep with other men, but I don't cheat. He knows everything I do. The cheating is all an illusion. It's like role play. I pretend to cheat, and my husband pretends to think I cheat and it ignites this whole translucent ball of cheating wax with a wick and a brightly burning flame that lights up our bedroom and gives it a warmth most puritanical Holier than thou's only dream about in frustration.
What's it like being a Hotwife? The adjectives are endless: fun, free, tingling, sexy, powerful, edgy, nervous, teasing, dirty, exciting, raw, frightening, comforting, enlightening, satisfying. And alive. So very alive, with a life worth living and enjoying and savoring and sharing.

Oh, and definitely empowered. Empowered to have a lot more say over everything in my life especially in my marriage and personal relationship. I am empowered to make decisions and take charge of things I never controlled earlier in my marriage. I can control my sex life too. I even have some control over my husband which is very different but veryfun!

My life today is the result of all the work my husband and I did together, growing as a couple. Sometimes we did the work together. Sometimes I did the work for him. I mean I did the work leading him where I wanted him. I learned the one important lesson every woman should know.

(Write this down ladies) --- Control his little head and you control his big head, AND he will gladly let you have that control! (You heard it here first)
  Like I said, my husband is a cuckold. Cuckolds have very different sexual needs and desires, but few men with cuckold traits truly know what makes them tick. They can tell you their fantasies, but most don’t understand why their fantasies appeal to them.

Through the years my husband and I have played with much of this together, with surprising (and surprisingly pleasurable) results. You see, cuckolds are complex men. They are driven by unique needs that are every bit as powerful as they are difficult to understand.

At great risk of oversimplification, a cuckold’s sexual desires stem from the interaction, whether real or imagined, of their wife with other men. While this may be contrary to the socially accepted notions of monogamy and fidelity, there is a fundamental, physiological explanation for the cuckold’s motivation. Understanding this is key to understanding your man, if he has these feelings. (I assume he may if you're reading this blog).

Studies of sexuality document a heightened sexual response in men who know (or suspect) infidelity by their female partner. This response is physiological and emotional, presumably as a result of the threat of another male moving in on one’s “territory”. Such a threat can elicit intense emotions and physical reactions, including jealousy but also sexual arousal.

On the intellectual plane, the threat of another male into the relationship threatens the relationship. From a biological view, the threat of sexual interaction strikes at the basic male desire to protect and prevent his partner from mating with other men, lest his partner become pregnant with a child of another. There are many books on this subject, including “Sperm Wars – The Science of Sex” by Robin Baker. These writings talk of the biological motivations of the human male, and his heightened sexual responses that result from the introduction of other men into a relationship.

Im SeriousAfter gaining a better understanding of this phenomena I began to better understand my own husband and his needs. From there I began a journey that has led to the current life together with my husband.
Notice that I used the term “I” rather than “we”. Even though “we” both participated in this journey, make no mistake that it was I who steered us along.

I was much like any other wife when we were first married. We had a typical marriage. We lived in a suburb of Dallas, we both worked, and we saw little of each other, but enough to conceive and raise our two children. I was a volunteer at school and worked a part time job. My husband traveled and was gone as much as he was home. I kept the home and the kids, and played the part of the good wife.

After my husband got promoted he started spending more time at home again, and we began to rebuild our relationship sexually. Eventually my husband revealed that he had fantasies of me being with other men. He would rent videos of threeways and even some that had plots of wives that took lovers. He often shared his fantasies that involved me in similar situations.

At first I thought he was fantasizing. But in time I realized that his fantasies were strong enough that he wanted them to become real. I wanted to please my husband, so eventually I conceded and we did have a threeway with a mutual friend. It was not what I had imagined in some ways, and it was in other ways. I could have been satisfied with that one time, but it only increased my husbands desire for more. Within a year we had done the same thing with two other men, some on more than one occasion. I will admit that I also had become more comfortable and found myself sharing some (but not all) of my husbands desires.

Eventually one of the men we had been with called me privately and asked me to meet him without my husband. I was shocked but flattered. Although I never truly considered it, I did wait several days before telling my husband. Understandably, he was displeased and he called the gentleman and ended our involvement with him.

To my surprise though, my husband began to question me about that incident, and began including it in much of our pillow talk. It was then that I realized how complex his desires had become. The idea of my meeting that gentlemen in private upset my husband at first. But later the idea of it inflamed his fantasies.

The truth was that I would have liked to meet that gentleman alone, but I couldn’t bring myself to cheat on my husband. I was faithful and that’s why I eventually told my husband he had called me, even though there was some temptation. Now my husband was telling me that he fantasized to the idea that I had met that guy in private. He had even said that it would be okay with him if I wanted to do that. I knew then that he didn't even know what he really wanted, but that me with another guy was a definite turn-on for him.

Since then, we've done a lot of things we've other guys. I also learned to take charge, and since then we have never been happier. I've come to realize that my husband knows what turns him on but he doesn’t know why. Sometimes I think I understand him better than he understands himself. But I can (and do) use that to my and our advantage.

At first I suggested that we resume our threeways with another man, one that we both trusted. My husband eagerly agreed. So we met with him once or twice a month for about seven months and I began pushing my husband a little each time.

At first my husband was always involved. The three of us would do the usual things one woman could do with two men. It was always enjoyable, and nobody ever left unsatisfied.

I am going to become his HotwifeOne night I suggested that my husband sit out, and watch me and the other man together. He shrugged and agreed, and he enjoyed a night of watching me with the other gentlemen. Several times through the evening I asked him if he liked watching me having sex, and he always said yes. More than once I saw him masturbating while he watched me. As the evening wound down and our guest left, my husband and I slipped back into bed and had a glorious session together. He poured out his passion with unusual fervor as I spoke about how exciting it was to have him watch me with another man. That night was the beginning of many changes in our relationship, but he probably never realized it for what it was.

Because that night was my suggestion, and he consented, I knew then that I had power over my husband. He could be steered with the right influence. Over the next few weeks we talked about that night a lot, and with each discussion my husbands reaction became more intense.

I realized that his excitement was just as great as mine whenever we were planning to meet someone. So I began to use that as a tool, by teasing him at odd times in the days and nights before we met someone. I would often whisper in his ear that I was wet, or had been thinking about our guest all day. It drove him crazy knowing this.

The next time we met with that gentleman, I told my husband he could watch but I wanted him to give us a little time alone first. Once again, he agreed. After our guest arrived we all had drinks in the den as usual, but when the time arrived I asked our guest to join me, told my husband to wait there for 15 minutes before coming to the bedroom, and then left.

While I was alone with my guest, I informed him that we were going to start role-playing for my husbands benefit. After talking through everything we began making love. My husband walked in after exactly 15 minutes, just in time to see me fellate my guest to full hardness.

I told my husband to sit and watch. Then throughout the evening I would look at him on occasion and talk to him. I would ask him questions; did he like watching another mans cock slide in me? Did he like watching me being fucked? Did he like seeing me being slutty for another man? Each of these questions forced him to admit what he liked, in front of me and another man. I reinforced his desires by asking him to admit them.

My guest helped me out. He began telling my husband that I had a great pussy and what a great fuck I was. I think he like taunting my husband because he really began to get into it, right up until the end when he announced he was going to cum in me, then telling my husband that he was at the moment he did so. It was an intense moment for me. I enjoyed everything about that night.

At the beginning of the evening I had also told my husband not to touch himself while he watched. I told him that I wanted him to be ready for me later. But I really wanted to exercise more control over him and let him become completely horny watching me. It worked. By the end of the night he was crawling the walls with desire. After my guest left he took me with an uncharacteristic vengeance. We had another breathtaking lovemaking session for several hours, while I told him how much I loved him for allowing me to have sex with another man, and how much I loved him watching and being there with me. (Reinforcement!)

The next time we arranged to have our guest over I made sure to tease my husband before the big day arrived. I would leave him notes, telling him in detail about what I wanted to do while he watched. I would call him at work and whisper that I was really horny and couldn’t wait for my lover to take me while he watched me.

By the time our guest arrived, I was ready to take things another step. I told my husband that I wanted him to give my guest and me a full hour alone. Like last time, he stayed in the living room while I was in the bedroom. This time however I locked the bedroom door. We made love twice, and one hour later I heard my husband try to come in. When he realized the door was locked, he knocked quietly. Even though we were finished, I called out to him that we needed another fifteen minutes and he needed to come back then. There was only silence from the other side of the door.

Fifteen minutes later he returned, and by then the door was purposely unlocked for him. He entered the room and I told him to come lay down beside us, with me in the middle. I asked him if he had listened to us through the door, and he said no (I’m not sure about that though). I told him that we were finished making love, and asked him if he would like to watch me suck on our guests cock, to which he said yes. So I gently sucked on my friends cock while my husband lay beside me, watching from only a few feet away.

I knew he was terribly aroused, so I turned to him and told him he should masturbate while he watched. At that point I wanted him to masturbate in front of our guest. This would make the point to him that my guest was allowed to fuck me, but my husband had to masturbate, and he had to masturbate in front of the man who had just taken his wife. It worked better than I thought. As I was doing my best to give the sexiest slow-motion blowjob of my life I heard my husband moan beside me. I looked over to see him shoot all over himself and my hips and the bedsheet. The excitement was more than he could take.

Several nights later it was time to tease. I took my bath, then crawled into bed with my husband and immediately straddled his head. Placing my pussy above him, I told him to look at my pussy. I told him I had talked with our guest, and he would be coming over this weekend to fuck my pussy. I masturbated inches from my husbands face, as I told him my pussy wouldn’t be his this weekend. Then I told him to masturbate for me and imagine another cock right there inside me. In minutes he was groaning, and I felt a splash of semen hit my backside. Teasing works.


The next time I decided to let me husband sit in for the whole evening, but with a twist. That night, after our guest arrived and we all went to the bedroom, I told my husband to turn around. Then I pulled out a short piece of rope and tied his hands behind his back. After he sat down I tied his ankles together. All he could do was sit and watch helplessly as his wife made love to another man in his bed (three times no less!). My guest and I both taunted him through the night, telling him how great it felt and how we loved fucking each other and what a whore I was when I was with this man. My husband practically went berserk. After untying him, he and I made love until dawn. I kissed him and thanked him and we swore our eternal, undying love for each other throughout the night until we passed out.

From there it was more teasing and more small steps, each one seemingly small, but each was intended to push the boundaries a little more. Within a few months I could have the entire night alone with my guest, if I chose to, and my husband was fine with that. In time, I even began going unattended to visit my friend alone, usually at his home. I have also taken another lover, and my husband is now comfortable with me seeing two other men, at times on back to back nights.

It was all a matter of understanding my husband’s desires and taking charge of OUR love life by taking charge of MY love life. Doing this helped him realize his desires through my pushing him a little at a time, along with constant love, and doses of teasing building up to each encounter. Although I started off trying to help him figure out his needs, I ended up fulfilling many desires of my own, including some I didn’t know I had.

If your husband is like mine and has expressed a desire to see you with another man, you might want to give this a try. Why not? You may be pleasantly surprised how enjoyable things can turn out!
I'll start adding more to my blog. Follow along if you like!
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