Not every guy is into this :-(

I met someone yesterday who I liked a lot at first. It's been a month since I had any fun and I thought maybe he could be my next FB. We met at a get together at a friends house and we talked and everything seemed cool. He knew I was married as soon as we met. That didn't slow his ass down even when we talked about getting together. But when I told him my husband would know about things (but was okay with it) then this guy cooled off fast.

What the fuck? You can only do a married woman if she's fucking around on her husband? But if her husband knows then it's a buzz kill?
That makes no sense. Wouldn't it be better to do a wife without having to worry about her crazed husband kicking in the door and beating the shit out of him? Or is there some guy thrill in doing a wife they think is fucking around?
I thought guys were supposed to fuck anybody, any time, any place. So what's up with that? I don't get it.
I can just imagine how he would've reacted when I told him my husband likes to watch sometimes! He probably would've freaked.
To hell with him. If he doesn't have the balls to do someone just because her husband knows, then he probably has a tiny penis too.
Let someone else fuck him.
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