Pavlov's dog was tough compared to training men

Men are handcuffed to their penis. They go where it leads them.
Hotwives know this and we know how to use it to our advantage. It's how we control our cuckold husband and get him to love every minute of it.
If you did, then you paid with the wrong currency.
Men want sex. It's your best currency. It costs you nothing and it will get you anything you want. Not just anything but everything.
>Why would you not get everything you ever wanted from a man, paying with a currency that costs you nothing and which you have an infinite supply? Sex also feels good (even if you're not in the mood). So why not get what you want, grease the gears of your marriage and keep everyone happy using free currency?
I don't just mean getting material things, either. It's easy to get that new wardrobe or those new shoes using sex. But you can also get him to be the husband you want, if he is rewarded with plenty of satisfying sex. Cuckold husbands are the easiest, because they not only want sex like most men, but they also want to please you.
A Hotwife should always be teasing. Even if you don't have plans to be with anyone, or you're not seeing someone at the time, you should always act and talk as if there is. Let your husband know (or think) that you want to have sex with someone soon. That's one way to tease him. Let him know that it's always on your mind all the time, and it will always be on his mind (which means YOU are always on his mind!).
Then, after sufficient teasing, tell him what you want from him. Let him know about that new dress you want, or that you want him to do something around the house, or that you want him to take the kids to the soccer game this weekend. Or even let him know that you want to fuck the new guy who started working in your office this week.
When you ask him for these things be sure to hint that you'll be very grateful. Let him know that you'll be happy to show how grateful. He'll agree, because he's been teased and he wants sex. He knows you have to agree to sex, so he'll agree to anything you ask.
Then do it. Give him that sex and make it good. Remember, that doesn't mean YOU have to have sex if you don't want it, just that HE has to have sex. He needs to get off. You can use your imagination to come up with any dozens of ways to get him off if you're not in the mood.
At first he didn't like going down on meWhen you do get him off, make sure to include plenty of talk about fucking other men. Let him know you're anxious to fuck someone. Let him know that you love fucking others and you can't wait to find that next cock. Help him reach his climax as he's thinking about you fucking other men. That way he will associate his pleasure with you fucking other men.
Afterward, be loving but remind him that you were serious about finding another man. Tell him that now that he's had fun you're going to be looking for some fun of your own (this starts the next round of teasing immediately). Then be sure to thank him for agreeing to whatever it was that earned him the sex. Associate the favor he did for you with the orgasm you just gave him (reinforcement).
If you will do that, you can get your husband to be the man you want. You'll get anything you want. He'll let you do anyone you want and be happy to do so.
To be happy we women need intimacy, tenderness, caring, and cuddling. Men need sex. To make us happy men need to learn to be loving and gentle and attentive. To make them happy all we have to do is give them plenty of good sex.
Sex, sex and more sex. Smart women get it.
Got it?
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