Power not used is power lost

Being a Hotwife is powerful!
What other lifestyle let's you completely control your husband so much that he can't get enough?

Hard to Concentrate

Hotwives control their sex lives, their marriages and their husbands. We do it by using the power that comes from being a Hotwife
Women who aren't Hotwives don't have our power. That's fine. Every couple isn't cut out for this lifestyle. Couples not in the lifestyle share their power equally, or the husband has control.
I've blogged before that having the power means you have to use your power. If you don't use it, you will lose it.
If you talk the talk then you have to walk the walk. This means that your husband expects you to see other men. If you don't, he will become frustrated. He will then fall back into the "R's" I've blogged about.
He will Regret his decision to be in the lifestyle with you.
He will Resent you for not doing as you committed to do.
He will Resist any of your efforts to control him (or your sex life).
You CANNOT be content with just having the power. You must use the power, or it will be lost.
Part of your power comes from teasing your husband about seeing other men.
Part of your power comes from being the source of his relief, after seeing other men.
But most of your power comes from the fact that you DO SEE other men.
He adores you for that. So see other men!
If you don't, you will lose your power and all the benefits and control it gives you. Why let that happen? After all, using your power brings you pleasure, it makes you feel better about yourself and it makes your life better. So use it!
Exercise it often or risk losing it.
Are you using it all you can?
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