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Sex Toys For Less Review

Ordered 2 things on Sunday. Credit card check out didn't work but pay pal did. No tracking number and no place on site to see order status Sent email on Saturday requesting tracking number and it came within about 30 minutes.  Package due to arrive on monday so six business day to get it. Too long these days.
Sex Toys for
I have made my first purchase from Velvet was out for the day and her birthday was fast approaching.  I had already made my "standard" birthday purchase. You know the one I'm talking it about. it can be opened in front of the kids and at the office the next day when asked "What did Woody get you for your birthday?", she could answer freely without judgment.  Now it was time for me to by something for "us" for her birthday. So I did a quick search and found
The site was fairly easy to navigate and there weren't any annoying pop-ups or anything.  Looked like a typical toysite but the prices seemed pretty low. I looked around for a while, always enjoy looking for new toys but decided on buying an Emperor Vibrating Dildo.  We had purchased one previously; we liked it but it broke (check out the review) and velvet had been asking to get a new one.  Also found the Jeff Stryker and it was even bigger than the Emperor so I bought it too. Review to follow.
I made my selections, added to cart and when to check out.  The first thing I noticed is that it said "Shipping 5-7 Business days". There was no other shipping options, REALLY?!? I decided to take a chance and entered my credit card.  The site would take my card, tried a couple of times.  No explaination as to why just "declined".  I double checked my address and the security code on the credit card, all good but I was rejected again.  Luckily they also had a PayPal option. Clicked that and transaction was fast and easy.

I received my receipt via email quickly but there was one major thing missing, no tracking number! Another, REALLY?!? I can't remember the last time I bought anything online and didn't get a tracking number. I drove home from work each day hopeful my package will have arrived.  Saturday came STILL no delivery.  What the hell? This is another REALLY?!? Still not here. So I sent an email to the customer service email listed on their site asking for a tracking number. Got a reply within about 30 minutes. Unfortunately the package wouldn't be arriving until Monday.  So Basically shipping took over a week.  I also read on there site that the return policy is very restrictive so I am hopeful that I don't have to deal with that.
Prices : 5 out of 5 (Easily the cheapest place I've seen)
Checkout : 1 out of 5 (wouldn't take my credit card and no alternative shipping options)
Delivery : 1 out of 5 (came UPS from Canada but took over a week)
Product : 3 out of 5 Standard mass produced adult toys